Dr hab. Tomasz Grzyb

Assistant Proffessor


E-mail: tgrzyb@amu.edu.pl

Room No.: 3.110, 1.17

Tel.: +48 829 1776


PhD: 2011 Adam Mickiewicz University, title: “Synthesis and photophysical properties of nanomaterials doped with lanthanide(III) ions”.

MSc: 2007 Adam Mickiewicz University, title: “Electrochemiluminescence of Eu3+ and Tb3+ complexes in water solutions”.

Research topics

  • Synthesis of nanomaterials containing lanthanide (Ln3+) ions (sol-gel, precipitation methods, hydrothermal and solvothermal methods)
  • Structural and spectroscopic properties of nanomaterials
  • Up-conversion emission in nanomaterials doped with Ln3+ ions

Research achievements

  • Development of the group of nanocrystalline alkaline metals and rare earth fluorides showing intense up-conversion emission in water colloids with no toxicity for human blood cells
  • Synthesis of the materials showing multifunctionality of their properties, based on Gd3+ magnetism and Yb3+/Tb3+ up-conversion emission
  • Development of nanomaterials showing dual-mode luminescence, dependent on the excitation wavelength: down-conversion under ultraviolet and up-conversion when near-infrared light is used
  • Tunable and multicolor up-conversion in nanocrystalline rare earth phosphates, depended on the concentration of dopant ions or their type
  • Development of laboratory for synthesis of nanomaterials
  • Construction of laser system, designed for the measurements of up-conversion emission, equipped with a tunable laser with the possibility of measurement of up-conversion excitation spectra and up-conversion quantum yields


  • 2014, scholarship for young scientists from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.
  • 2013, START scholarship from the Foundation for Polish Science for Young Scientists (FNP).
  • 2009, laureate of the 4th edition of Ventures Programme, Supporting innovative projects conducted by young researchers by Foundation for Polish Science.

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