Dr Agata Szczeszak


E-mail:  agata_is@amu.edu.pl

Room No.: 3.110

Tel.: +48 829 1776


PhD: 2012 Adam Mickiewicz University, title: “Synthesis and physicochemical studies of nanophosphors based on modified zinc oxide and rare earths borates”.

MSc: 2007 Adam Mickiewicz University, title: “The luminescence characteristics of systems generating reactive oxygen species in the presence of lanthanide ions and tetracycline”.

Research topics

  • Synthesis of submicro- and nanophosphors including modified multifunctional luminescent – magnetic inorganic materials based on borates, vanadates and fluorides doped with lanthanides ions, using solvo/hydrothermal, co-precipitation or sol-gel Pechini methods, which exhibit visible emission under VUV, UV or IR radiation.
  • Physicochemical analysis of compounds synthesized: spectroscopic analysis based on luminescence spectra (in the range from VUV to IR region) and lifetimes, structural and morphological characterization with the use of XRD, FT-IR, SEM, TEM, TGA, BET, ICP-OES, XPS methods, calculation and analysis the Judd-Ofelt parameters, quantum efficiency and chromaticity coordinates.

Research achievements

  • My research resulted in obtaining a number of various materials, which exhibit visible emission activated by vacuum ultraviolet (VUV), ultraviolet (UV) or infrared radiation (IR). Among them, there are multifunctional materials showing both magnetic and luminescent properties and low cytotoxicity, which can be potentially used in biomedical applications.
  • Among the wide range of materials, which are based mainly on rare earth borate, vanadate and fluoride matrices, I have obtained by hydrothermal method new triclinic structure with characteristic "rod-shaped" morphology of GdBO3:Eu3+, showing red emission with improved chromaticity color of luminescence.


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