Projects under realisation


  1. "Preparation and characterization of permanent magnetic cellulose fibers" 2020-2023, National Science Centre, Preludium grant no. UMO-2019/33/N/ST5/00326 budget: 205 720 PLN, project leader: MSc Malgorzata Skwierczynska
  2. "Synthesis and study of influence of high temperature on the spectroscopic, structural and morphological properties of functional luminescent nanomaterials doped with lanthanide ions", (2019-2022), National Science Centre, Preludium grant No. UMO-2018/31/N/ST4/00684, budget: 208 720 PLN, project leader: MSc Natalia Stopikowska
  3. "Synthesis and physicochemical characterization of multifunctional luminescent-plasmonic-magnetic core/shell nanocomposites based on FeS2 semiconducting nanocrystals and inorganic nanoluminophores doped with Ln3+ ions", (2019-2022), National Science Centre, Preludium grant No. UMO-2018/31/N/ST5/00636, budget: 209 800,00 PLN, project leader: dr Przemysław Woźny
  4. "Ecological celulose fibers and paper modified by micro- and nanoluminophors activated by ultraviolet and infrared radiation", (2019-2021), The National Centre for Research and Development, LIDER IX grant No.LIDER/39/0141/L-9/17/NCBR/2018, budget: 1 112 250 PLN, project leader: dr Agata Szczeszak
  5. "Luminescent nanocolloids - preparation methods, mechanisms of stabilization, physicochemical and spectroscopic studies", (2018-2021), National Science Centre, Preludium grant No. UMO-2017/27/N/ST5/02149, budget: 196 700 PLN, project leader: dr Dominika Przybylska
  6. "A new look at the phenomenon of up-conversion in nanoparticles doped with lanthanide ions: synthesis of core/shell structures and studies of emission under radiation from the second and third biological window", (2017-2022), National Science Centre, Sonata-Bis grant No. UMO-2016/22/E/ST5/00016 , budget: 1 929 300 PLN, project leader: dr hab. Tomasz Grzyb

Finished projects

  1. "Synthesis and characterization of new nanoalloys and their influence on luminescence properties of lanthanide-doped nanoluminophors", (2018-2021), National Science Centre, Preludium grant No. UMO-2017/25/N/ST5/00996, budget: 173 200 PLN, project leader: dr Szymon Goderski
  2. "Surface modified multifunctional, luminescent hybrid nanomaterials and their biological importance", (2017 – 2019), National Science Centre, Opus grant No. UMO-2016/21/B/ST5/00110, budget: 1 246 800 PLN, project leader: prof. dr hab. Stefan Lis
  3. “Synthesis and physicochemical investigations of bifunctional luminescent-plasmonic nanomaterials with core/shell structure”, (2016 – 2019), National Science Centre, Preludium grant No. UMO-2015/17/N/ST5/01947, budget: 141 600 PLN, project leader: dr Marcin Runowski
  4. “Amides of pyridinecarboxylic acids as metal ions complexing agents. Synthesis of amides, complexes, coordination polymers and investigation of their spectroscopic and magnetic properties”, (2015 – 2018), National Science Centre, Preludium grant No. UMO-2014/15/N/ST5/00597, budget: 140 000 PLN, project leader: MSc Dorota Kwiatek