About Us

We are a research group operating in the Faculty of Chemistry at Adam Mickiewicz University. Our interest focused mainly on physico-chemical properties of compounds containing lanthanide ions, such as inorganic nanomaterials and complex compounds.

In our research we investigate different types of luminescence (photo-, chemi- and electroluminescence), structural properties using techniques such as scanning and transmission electron microscopy or X-ray diffraction. We also synthesize novel multifunctional materials exhibiting luminescence under the influence of UV and NIR radiation with magnetic properties. We have also experience in the synthesis of core/shell structures as well as surface functionalization of nanoparticles. One of our main research topics is up-conversion luminescence.

Research projects:

2013 – 2016

“Nanocrystalline magnetic-luminescent hybrids doped with lanthanide ions. Synthesis, structural and spectroscopic studies”, National Science Centre, UMO-2012/06/M/ST5/00325, prof. dr hab. Srefan Lis

2012 - 2016

"Synthesis, structural and spectroscopic investigations of upconverting nanometerials doped with lanthanide ions”; National Science Centre, UMO-2011/03/D/ST5/05701, dr Tomasz Grzyb

2012 – 2015

"Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials doped with lanthanide ions, characterized by the structure of the core-shell ", Ministry of Science and Higher Education; (Diamond Grant), MSc Marcin Runowski